Pro Point Arrow Assemblies

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Pro Points on your choice of shafts

Technology Used:

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The Technology

Stages of Operation

1: Shooting, small profile for deep penetration and small entry hole.

2: Retrieve, Long barbs swing out for exceptional holding power.

3: Release, barbs fold forward to allow for quick removal offish from arrow.

4: Barb removal, Take the tip off to change barbs or to remove the barbs for practicing into a target.

Arrow and Adapter… Unite!

Our new Unity™ Arrows are a combination of a stainless steel rear section that permanently attaches to specially prepared premium fiberglass arrow blanks. Unity™ Arrows feature Taper-loc™ a strong and secure crimped connection that provides a smooth transition. The strength of this connection makes possible a threaded slide stop hole into the stainless steel section. Moving the hole strengthens the entire arrow by eliminating the hole in the fiberglass. Designed with a large battery compartment to fit all lighted nocks. CNC machined from solid stainless steel. Available in Glow or Orange fiberglass. Patent pending.

A: Slotted for ideal nock fitment.

B: Room to fit all standard and lighted nocks.

C: Strong threaded slide stop hole.

D: Taper-loc uses reverse tapers to achieve a permanent connection between arrow blank and durable stainless steel rear section.

E: Eliminates stop hole in fiberglass which is a common point of failure.

Additional Information

Arrow Selector: Glass Max, Glow Max, Unity-Glow

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