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Innerloc’s “Pro-Point™” represents an important advancement in wire-barbed fish point design. The point features patented improvements that include a removable/replaceable wire barb and a vibration dampening friction O-ring and alignment pin that keeps the tip from vibrating loose during a jarring day of boating. In addition, the newly designed wire barbs are “contour-bent” to lay closer to the point’s stream-lined body for better penetration and improved holding power. Fast, pivot release requires only 1 1/2 turns of the tip.

Technology Used:

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The Technology

Stages of Operation

1: Shooting, small profile for deep penetration and small entry hole.

2: Retrieve, Long barbs swing out for exceptional holding power.

3: Release, barbs fold forward to allow for quick removal offish from arrow.

4: Barb removal, Take the tip off to change barbs or to remove the barbs for practicing into a target.

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