SP3 Detachable Point

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SP3 Points™ are the masters at landing big soft fish. They excel because they penetrate leaving a tiny hole. This small hole leaves plenty of firm flesh for the monstrous 2 3/4” barbs to pull against. But don’t be fooled that big holding power penetrates freely due to the fact that the barbs fold tightly against the body. The tip’s sharp point and shallow cutting edges initiate penetration and create a nice channel for the rest of the head and shaft to follow, even in toughest prey. Fish removal is fast and easy, simply toggle the barbs forward by removing the patented anti-vibration tip. The machined stud on the front of the body rides in a polyurethane bushing that’s pressed into the tip, the result is a small steady pressure to keep the tip in place. Constructed from stainless steel, and fit shafts with 6mm threads. Detachable model.

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